Hollybrook got its name for the holly that grew boldly by the clear streams. Henry Harman was born in 1726 and lived and died here. He was known as “Old Skygusta” and was a great Native American fighter. “Blue Hole” is a swimming hole where many Indian relics have been found. The Colonel Compton home was known as Gap View Farm. It consisted of ablacksmith shop, corn house, and a meat house. William Neal Harman was born in Hollybrook. Ding Burton settled near what is now Wessendock church. He ran the first mill to grind grain using power from a mountain stream which is called Ding Branch. Then after World War I Ottomar Strange came from Cleveland, Ohio and brought the Johnson mines on Flat Top mountain. He mined manganese ore which brought revenue into the county. Hollybrook has an artesian well that was discovered while drilling for natural gas in the 1930s. Today it is used and sold by a bottled water manufacturer, Artesian 3300.