Bastian is a town that has a lot of history. It was originally called Parkersburg after Parker Hombarger, who inherited most of the land that the town was built on. The name "Bastian" came from the manager of Bland County's only railroad, F.E. Bastian. Soon after the railroad was built, the Virginia Hardwood Lumber Company opened a large mill. As the lumber company grew they needed a way to transfer the lumber. In 1912 the New River, Holston, and Western Railroad company built a railroad from Bastian to Rocky Gap. Around the 1930’s Bastian became the first town in Bland County to use electricity. With the Virginia Hardwood Company in place the population increased, which made the need for a bigger school a necessity. Several small schools were built during this time. But it was not until 1955 that a modern brick building was built. The town has been home to many businesses and industries over the years.. The Hardwood Lumber Company along with a CCC Camp made Bastian a very busy place in the first half of this century. It brought the railroad and electricity to the town and Bastian bustled like it never has since. Once the hardwood forests were cut, then there was no need for the mill or the railroad. WWII closed the CCC Camp and Bastian returned to its quiet and sleepy state. Today it is hard to believe that Bastian was once such a busy town.